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  • Repair of blood vessel with unspecified type of patch graft
    medical procedure Operations on Vessels
  • Cord blood stem cell transplant
    medical procedure Operations on Bone Marrow and Spleen
  • Fetal blood sampling and biopsy
    medical procedure Obstetric Operations
  • Adventitia
    anatomy The outermost covering of organs, blood vessels, and other such structures in the body.
  • Aortic Bodies
    anatomy Small clusters of chemoreceptive and supporting cells located near the ARCH OF THE AORTA; the PULMONARY ARTERIES; and the coronary arteries. The aortic bodies ...
  • Area Postrema
    anatomy A small, rounded eminence on each side of the FOURTH VENTRICLE, which receives nerve fibers from the SOLITARY NUCLEUS; SPINAL CORD; and adjacent areas of the ...
  • Arteries
    anatomy The vessels carrying blood away from the heart.
  • Astrocytes
    anatomy A class of large neuroglial (macroglial) cells in the central nervous system - the largest and most numerous neuroglial cells in the brain and spinal cord. ...
  • Blood
    anatomy The body fluid that circulates in the vascular system (BLOOD VESSELS). Whole blood includes PLASMA and BLOOD ...
  • Blood Buffy Coat
    anatomy The fraction of a blood sample, following CENTRIFUGATION, that is distinguished as a thin light-colored layer between the RED ...
  • Blood Cells
    anatomy The cells found in the body fluid circulating throughout the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM.
  • Blood Platelets
    anatomy Non-nucleated disk-shaped cells formed in the megakaryocyte and found in the blood of all mammals. They are mainly involved in ...
  • Blood Vessels
    anatomy Any of the tubular vessels conveying the blood (arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins).
  • Blood-Air Barrier
    anatomy The barrier between capillary blood and alveolar air comprising the alveolar EPITHELIUM and capillary ENDOTHELIUM with their adherent BASEMENT ...
  • Blood-Aqueous Barrier
    anatomy The selectively permeable barrier, in the EYE, formed by the nonpigmented layer of the EPITHELIUM of the CILIARY BODY, and the ENDOTHELIUM of the ...



Vial of Blood, and Highlighted Blood Components : This image highlights the vital components of blood: 55% plasma, 1% platelets and white blood cells, and 45% red blood cells.



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