Conception to Birth, Third Trimester


The third trimester of pregnancy can be both challenging and rewarding.

What’s challenging? Everything’s getting bigger: your belly, your breasts, your baby. You may develop varicose veins and stretch marks. Vaginal discharge often increases and your breasts may start to leak. You might feel as huge and clumsy as a Spanish galleon when you walk down the street.

What’s rewarding? In the third trimester, the prize is in sight! Your baby becomes more and more of a person to you as you become familiar with his or her sleep patterns and reactions to sounds, light, and movement. The little one may be active or quiet—and that can be a clue as to his or her personality after birth. What you hear, your baby hears. What you eat, your baby can often taste. When you sing, your baby listens. You’ll never be this close again.

So hang in there! Take care of yourself and your baby by eating right and getting enough rest. This is actually a wonderful time—one you’ll always remember.

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