Monthly Infant Development Calendar Chapter 12

Month 12

Your baby is 1 year old! Each baby is unique and develops in her own way and at her own rate. But no matter where your child falls in the developmental spectrum, it's amazing how much has changed since birth. Neurological development, in particular, has been astounding. Your baby's brain has almost tripled in size since day 1. Involuntary movement has changed to voluntary control, and immature vocalizing and crying have given way to actual speech. Once totally helpless, she is now very much her own person, with noticeable preferences and distinct personality traits.

Motor skill development has been phenomenal. It's likely your baby can now pull herself upright, handle a spoon with dexterity, and drink from a cup. She may walk a few steps or even be an adept walker. Standing upright and being mobile have given your baby a new sense of independence and, importantly, the ability to socialize face to face. Paradoxically, your little one is probably shy and insecure with unfamiliar people and in new situations and has become very attached to you. The next year will bring changes just as amazing as your baby, now a toddler, continues on this wondrous developmental journey.

At 12 months, your baby's stomach can hold approximately the volume of a grapefruit. Although the human brain experiences its greatest growth in the first year, it continues to grow and change into adulthood.

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